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Hi there, I am Borge Fagerli. I am the Peak Performance Coach. If you haven't heard of me, maybe you have heard of Myo-Reps?


At the time of writing this (May 2024) the search term ’myo-reps’ generates 142,000 hits on Google, and there are more than 7,000 videos on YouTube about it, in a multitude of countries and languages.

It is in the curriculum of a majority of personal training schools throughout the world.

Renaissance Periodisation, Jeremy Ethier, Jeff Nippard, Sean Nalewanyj, Dan Go, Christian Thibaudeau, Mike Tuchscherer, Testosterone Nation - it has been featured by some of the biggest names in the industry and in magazines such as Men’s Health, Flex, Muscular Development. 

In April 2023, my hero since childhood, Arnold Schwarzenegger praised Myo-reps as the most time-efficient muscle-building method in his newsletter. The media quickly jumped all over it and it was published everywhere. 

My 15 seconds of fame, I guess...

"Just because a workout is short doesn’t mean you can’t see amazing results"

- Arnold Schwarzenegger

Nearly two decades ago, in 2005, I wouldn't have imagined that my deep dives into research and muscle physiology, along with researchers and smarter people than me (Bryan Haycock, Mathias Wernbom, Dan Moore deserve honorable mention), would result in this training method achieving a global reach. 


Yet, here we are...


Yes, I want the E-book!

Myo-Reps  Spreading Worldwide 


The rise of social media and online fitness communities has played a significant role in popularizing Myoreps. Fitness influencers, trainers, and enthusiasts from all over the world have sharer their success stories.


Now you might be wondering,

is it just a hype?


If you've been a consistent gym-goer, pouring blood, sweat, and tears into your effort, I get the skepticism. It sounds too good to be true: get the same results in strength and muscle growth spending 70% less time in the gym?

But, let me try my best to translate the research and explain how this is possible.

High Activation

You achieve peak activation levels through the first few reps of the set. High motor unit activation is a requirement for stimulating muscle growth.

Maintain Stimulus

Staying at 1-2RIR, implementing short rest and mini-sets of 2-5 reps, you stay at peak activation. Every rep achieves maximum stimulus.

Strength and Muscle in 70% Less Time

Research has shown that 1 Myo-rep set = 3-4 traditional sets, but in 70% less time and with 30% less work.

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You didn’t think I would just leave you hanging?

Explore 12 different training programs, including a powerbuilding, women-specific, and home training program, with a video walkthrough to help you select the optimal program for your needs. Learn how to adapt and adjust your training over time based on your progress, making it truly individualized. This guide also includes video demonstrations of the Myo-Reps techniques and a selection of recommended exercises to choose from.

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